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Blek Goat Wednesday Tunes – Wardruna, Otargos & Krokodil


After watching the sixth episode of the third season of Vikings series I could not hold myself back not to tune in some Wardruna. Why? Because band’s, or maybe better said, music project’s, very own Einar Selvik appeared in the show. It was this ritual they were having and Einar was performing Volusta (if the guy in the comments section is right) song. If you haven’t heard anything from Wardruna yet, you better start pressing the play button above. Einar is the founder and main performer with helps from Gaahl (yes, that Gaahl) and Lindy Fay Hella on vocals. The music is not exactly metal, but I am sure plenty of you metalheads out there will enjoy it just like I do. In an interview Selvik said that new generation Nordic people don’t know much about their traditional music. Thanks to Einar for starting the Wardruna music project. Every song is mind blowing.

Two bands that I was also listening to quite a lot over the past few days are Otargos and Krokodil.

I saw and heard Otargos for the first time back in 2013 and I instantly fell in love with their music. They are a four headed dark extreme metal band from France and above is a little tease for everyone who just found out about them.

To end up my most played tunes over the past days I will go with Krokodil. I think I know these Englishmen for only a few months now and damn, they sure kick some serious ass. Definitely a band I would recommend to everyone who is into beards and riffs.


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