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Blek Goat Wednesday Tunes – Shining And Whorion


I always get excited when I receive an email with fresh new music to listen to. This time guys over at Inverse Records sent through Whorion’s forthcoming album “The Reign Of The 7th Sector.” This was my first time hearing this Finnish symphonic technical death metal band and they are straight up killers. The official release date of their debut album is set to April 24th, 2015 in Finland and April 27th, 2015 worldwide. The band Whorion was formed back in 2009 and they hail from Helsinki, Finland. After changing lineups and experimenting with different kinds of music styles they are now coming out strong and heavy.
Ep MΓ€kinen, Whorion’s vocalist and guitarist, said that the upcoming release has more deadlier guitar work, bigger orchestra arrangement, higher tempos and vocals have more power. Ep added, “Story builds up and continues all the way to the end.” I highly recommend you to grab a copy, or at least give Whorion a chance and listen to the trailer above and “The Great Mass Suicide” below.

Right after I was logging in my Facebook account I saw Shinning’s post that they are streaming their upcoming album in full. I guess the timing was just perfect and even if I haven’t heard the whole “IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends” yet, the first three songs convinced me to feature it on the page. I believe I will be listening to their new album for a few times (probably in a row) because it’s kinda beautiful. For full stream and a quick interview visit Terrorizer.
Album will be released April 20th, 2015.


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