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Blek Goat Wednesday Tunes – Rotting Christ


Over the past couple of months I have been obsessed with Greek black metal giants, Rotting Christ. And nothing is stopping my obsession, not yet. This is a band I discovered somewhere around 10 years ago. I remember being all crazy about them back then as I am today. But something weird happened in the span of, lets say, eight years. I somehow stopped listening to them. Do not ask me why because I have no idea. It just happened. Then the lineup for 2015 Metaldays got announced and there they were, Rotting Christ. I tuned in their latest stuff, to slowly get me ready for the show, and I was ashamed I took such a long break. Look at me today – three to four months of listening to their music each and every single day. Black metal mixed with their native sounds, instruments and a woman voice are together forming a hypnotic masterpiece(s). Music that I love so much was left behind for too long.
There are not many metal bands out there of which I like everything. Every song on every album, from start to finish. I am happy to say that Rotting Christ is one of those bands. However, I must admit, their last three albums, “Kata Ton Diamona Eaytoy,” “Aealo” and “Theogonia” are standing out but that is far from me not liking their older stuff, too. Even if you do find a band of which you like pretty much everything they put out, there are still songs and albums that stand out.

After all these years, it was only this year (2015) when I finally saw them live. What can I say, it was one of the best shows of my life and, aside from Cannibal Corpse, the best show of the 2015 Metaldays festival. The thing is, I approached their concert with not much expectation. I knew I want to see them and I knew I do not want to miss them no matter what and that was about it. The moment Rotting Christ started playing was the moment I knew the show will be amazing. I do not even remember for how long they played, I was so into the show, the music and the performance. Like I’d be on some kind of drugs and no, I don’t do any kind of drugs! It was mind blowing and almost like some kind of a dark ceremony.
Anyway, over the years, Rotting-Christ-free, I missed a lot so no wonder I became so obsessed with them. Rotting Christ is one insanely good band that perfectly mixes black metal music with traditional music, exactly the kind of music I really adore.


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