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Blek Goat Wednesday Tunes – Melechesh “Enki” Album


Since Wednesday is such a great day, not to mention hump day, I thought I might start a new little feature up here. It would go like this: Each Wednesday I feature a few tunes that caught my ear over the past week. Is that OK with you? I am glad it is.
For the first “Blek Goat Wednesday Tunes” feature I picked Melechesh’s “Enki” album. Nuclear Blast just dropped full album stream on their YouTube channel and even since I am listening it for the first time now I know this is it. I know that later in the week I could easily post another article about Melechesh as part of my weekly band obsession article.

I know Melechesh for a while now but never actually gave them a chance and tune them in until now. First thing that grabbed my attention is of course “Enki’s” album cover art. It’s just beautiful, that’s it. And then the music. It didn’t take long, only a few seconds, and I was hooked. Starting with an easy intro and some really good guitar riffs, the first song “Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged” is heavy as hell. Melechesh are describing their music as Sumerian trashing black metal/Mesopotamian metal. We can also put them in an oriental black metal sub genre, if it even exists. Throughout the “Enki” album you will get a bit of everything and even more. The whole album is heavy on black metal with some really amazing locally/oriental inspired music sections like song “Doorways To Irkala.” Just hit up the play button above and enjoy it.
Just like I am not that familiar with Melechesh although I know their name for a long time I am not familiar that much with the Sumerian mythology. I did searched what “Enki” is and Wikipedia told me that it’s a Sumerian god, later known as Ea.

The album will be official released on February 27 around EU, March 2 in UK and March 10 in the US via Nuclear Blast. Pre-order it now on NBR, Amazon, iTunes or Google Play.

“Enki” track list:
1. Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged
2. The Pendulum Speaks
3. Lost Tribes
4. Multiple Truths
5. Enki – Divine Nature Awoken
6. Metatron And Man
7. The Palm The Eye And Lapis Lazuli
8. Doorways To Irkala
9. The Outsider


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