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Blek Goat Wednesday Tunes – Lempo, Extinct & A Hole


For this week’s Wednesday Tunes post I went with three songs, Lempo, Extinct and A Hole. First is from Korpiklaani, second from Moonspell and third from Motor Sister. Many may complain that A Hole is out of the league, but hey, they have freaking Scott Ian on board and after all, song is killer.
Lempo by Korpiklaani is taken from their forthcoming album Noita and it’s a fiery god of fertility. The song, Tuomas Rounakari said, is about spells designated to the god in order to guarantee a success in one’s personal love life.

I could not publish this post without mentioning Moonspell and their new music video “Extinct.” Portugal’s dark/gothic metal pioneers’s new album Extinct is out now and after hearing some of the stuff, I believe it’s an amazing one. I was actually really looking forward to new Moonspell music and it is finally here.

Last but definitely not least is Motor Sister’s A hole song. As I already mentioned, this is more on the classic rock-ish side, but Scott Ian and the rest of the band killed it. It’s a super catchy and energic song that will definitely pump you up, even if you are not into this kind of music.

Now go enjoy Lempo, Extinct and A Hole from all three bands.


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