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Blek Goat Wednesday Tunes – Aes Dana (Celtic + Black Metal)


After checking out stuff on Instagram I stumbled across this person who posted about Aes Dana. In the comment there was written Celtic black metal and it instantly grabbed my attention. I never heard for the band before so of course I opened YouTube right away and searched for the band. The first hit was the “Formors” album. Since Celtic and black metal music are big part of my life you can guess it that I really enjoyed Aes Dana’s music. You can listen to second track, “Formors, Mer de Glaces et d’Ombre,” from the record above. If you are like me, I am sure you will like this band as much as I do.

A little something about Aes Dana

They are a six piece metal band hailing from Paris, France and were formed back in 1994. Vidar on vocals, Taliesin and Ireel on guitar, Milambre on bass, Myrddin on flute and bombarde and Wilfrid on drums. Aes Dana released their debut album “La Chasse Sauvage” in 2001 and it’s a ten track record with a bonus song. Their second album “Formors” was released four years later, in 2005. If the statement on their website is correct, they are currently working on their third album. Lets all cross fingers in hopes to see/hear the release any time soon now. Their mix of black metal music with tradition Celtic inspired music, like acoustic guitar and various flutes, is simply amazing. Maybe it is just me, but damn, Celtic and folk music go so well with metal. In general two complete opposites, but when combined the final product is mind blowing. Pretty much always.
In 2008 Aes Dana signed with a German label Trollzorn Records which is covering folk, pagan and Viking (metal) music. Although the haven’t been posting on Facebook in years, go and like their page.



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