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Blek Goat Wednesday Tunes – Enslaved “In Times” Album


A week has passed and Blek Goat’s “Wednesday Tunes” feature is back. Since another amazing album, that really caught my ear, got posted online, I will stick only to the album. On Monday Nuclear Blast uploaded to YouTube Enslaved’s forthcoming album “In Times.” This is band’s thirteen studio album that stands out from their past work with each song. The whole album is 53 minutes long, but has only six songs. Every song is more than eight minutes long, but to me personally, it feels like 2-3 minutes. Each song in the “In Times” album features the uniqueness of the band. From more easy melodies to heavier stuff, every single song is an original and shows all sides of Enslaved. Maybe even some that we haven’t hear before. Although this five piece Bergen, Norway based band is known by their black metal stuff, “In Times” is way different. I really like seeing bands surprising with their new material and Enslaved did just that. The new album is (actually will be) a solid and very unique release that you definitely must not miss. If you can not wait to get your hands on a copy, listen to it in full above.

Album will be released on March 6th in Europe, March 9th in UK and March 10th in North America and the rest of the world via Nuclear Blast.

In Times track list:
1. Thurisaz Dreaming
2. Building With Fire
3. One Thousand Years Of Rain
4. Nauthir Bleeding
5. In Times
6. Daylight
Watch below what Ivar Bjørnson has to say about the first four songs of the album. The final part of the “Track By Track” series is still to come so stay tuned.


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