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Blek Goat Wednesday Tunes – Amanita Virosa And Sercati


Lately I am getting a lot of to-me-unknown bands in my inbox and I can not be more excited to present you Amanita Virosa and Sercati today. Haven’t heard for these two bands before and they both caught my ear. I think I already mentioned it before, but ever since I started The Blek Goat brand I am receiving music from various record labels. I am really honoured for all the music sent to date because I never expected to receive any at all.

Amanita Virosa is not only a band that I never heard for before, but also a band that introduced a whole new metal sub-genre to me. They call their music hospital metal. I seriously lost count how many different sub-genres of metal are out there, but hey, I don’t care how you call your style, for as long as it is catchy you get my attention. This Mikkeli, Finland based metal band, Amanita Virosa consists of six members that all have different tastes. They are: Jare Korpela on vocals, Tore Pedersen on guitar and back vocals, Pekka Paalanen on lead guitar and back vocals, Juho Oinone on bass, Toni Moilanen on drums and Cantor Satana on Keyboards. Band was formed back in 2008 and over the years evolved in a full six piece form. Although they are a seven year old band, it will be this June 12th when they will be releasing their debut album “Asystole.” It is a nine track album covering all sorts of emo-ish (no offense) topics with tons and tons of brutality. It is a killer album and I really dig Jare’s vocals, they are so on point and really one of a kind. You don’t wanna miss the album, so mark your calendars to June 12th.

“6 ways to feel, 6 ways to create, 6 ways to express.”- Amanita Virosa

Second band I picked for today’s “Tunes” is Verviers, Belgium’s Sercati. Other than metal, there are no similarities between this band and Amanita Virosa. Since there are so many sub-genres out there you could easily prescribe three or so sub-genres to each band. I will not complicate and say that Sercati is a black metal band with atmospheric, Agalloch style, touches. Formed in 2009, band is build of four members; Steve Fabry on bass and vocals, Yannick Martin on drums and back vocals and Olivier Clement and Simon Charlier on guitar. I do recommend you to check these guys out if you are into this kind of stuff. Enjoy.


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