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What Band Got Me Into Amazing World Of Metal Music


So, what band got me into metal music, you ask?
It happened about thirteen or fourteen years ago when I was 13/14 years old, I don’t remember the exact year. Before I discovered metal music I listened to a lot of country and blues and only because my father is such a fan of those genres. I was pretty much surrounded with country and blues and didn’t actually knew what else is out there. Then one day father showed me this online radio called Spinner (well, at least I think it was called Spinner). I remember how amazed I was, because there was so much different styles of music, that I didn’t knew they existed. And there it was, Extreme Music channel. I didn’t knew what the hell was it about, so I clicked on it. I remember the screaming brutality that frightened me for a sec, but a moment later I knew this is it. This is something I need in my life. And this was the first time I witnessed metal music and the band I heard was no other than Cannibal Corpse. Yep, Cannibal fucking Corpse and no other.

If it wasn’t for my father, I would probably still be listening to metal music.

The first few weeks of my metal hype I was listening to it on a very low volume. You know why? Only because I though my parents will think I went mad. I did not knew anyone who listened to metal music and I was literally afraid to show the world what is my new passion. It was stupid I know, but hey, I was a 13-yr-old kid and this was a completely new world for me. Eventually my parents found out about what I got into and to my surprise they were super supportive.
Look at me now, being 27 years old and my passion for metal music is going stronger than ever. And yes, I am one year older than Cannibal Corpse!
I wondered several times already, would I also be into metal music today, if it wasn’t for my father’s introduction to Spinner radio. My gut is saying yes.

Now lets together listen to some more Cannibal Corpse.

Cannibal Corpse on Ukulele? Why not!


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