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Aversions Crown Streaming “Tyrant” Album In Full


Six piece deathcore band from Brisbane, Australia, Aversions Crown, is streaming their latest album “Tyrant” in full through Nuclear Blast Records. I first heard for the band when I saw their latest music video “Vectors.” I was instantly impressed by their heaviness and quickly searched for a few more songs to get a better taste what they are all about.
Aversions Crown is still quite a young band, formed four years ago in 2010, but they already released their second album after the debute album “Servitude.” “Tyrant” is actually not available at all locations around the world yet. The official release was on November 7 in Australia, followed by European release on November 14 and UK release on November 17. Unfortunately all you USA fans will still need to wait until November 24 to finally be able to get a copy in your precious hands. Until then stream the album right this very second and don’t stop until you press replay for at least five times in a row. And one more very important thing – set your volume to 100% and make your neighbours’s ears bleed.
Since “Vectors” is the first song I heard from Aversions Crown, it is kinda obvious it is my favorite from the album. If you missed the official music video make sure you watch it below along with the opening song’s video “Hollow Planet.”

Track list:
1. Hollow Planet
2. The Glass Sentient
3. Conqueror
4. Vectors
5. Earth Steriliser
6. Avalanche
7. Xenoforms
8. Overseer
9. Controller
10. Faith Collapsing

Do you ever ask yourself who is the person behind the artwork? I do quite often, but normally I am too lazy to search for the name. Lucky you and me, I have the information this time. The person behind Aversions Crown’s artwork is Sweden’s Pär Olofsson who worked with fellow bands like Aborted, Psycroptic and others.

Like said at the beginning, Aversions Crown consists of six members. Colin Jeffs on vocals, Chris Cougan on guitar, Jay Coombs on bass, Jayden Mason on drums, Hayden Lee on guitar and Mick Jeffery on guitar.
Follow the guys on Facebook and on Instagram and keep updated with all the awesomeness and support them by purchasing their merch.


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