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Album Feature – Anger At Dusks Self-Titled Album


anger at dusk
Another twelve track album feature on The Blek Goat from a Milan, Italy based band? You got that right.
Today we will talk about the Anger At Dusk band which was formed in May, 2012. AAD consists of five members, Stefano Mainini (vocals), Mattia Dambrosio (guitar), Giacomo Lorioli (guitar/backing vocals), Luca Porzio (bass guitar) and Stefano Reynoldz Brognoli (drums). Their main influencers are bands like Architects, Intervals, Periphery and Porcupine Tree. Band is no stranger to mixing together a variety of different styles and melodies and developing their unique sound.
At the end of last year and soon after the single “Oblivion” was out guys released their debut self-title album “Anger At Dusk.” Being an alternative/progressive/experimental metal band with touches of metalcore guys came out with a bombing album including all four genres and much more. From electronic melodies in “Distant Memories” (5:12) to jazzy stuff in “Oblivion” (3:55) and Aboriginal/spiritual/native experience in “Beyond Serenity” (1:49). I must say that “Beyond Serenity” is my favorite song on the entire “Anger At Dusk” record. I think Only because it is so different from the rest of the songs. I know AAD like experimenting with different styles, but you would never expect to hear a song like this one. Album receives a big plus from me for a pleasant surprise. Yes, I like “weird” and different stuff and even if this songs has pretty much nothing to do with metal, I dig it the most. Also it relaxes you and calms you down before the heaviness in song “Drowning” (4:46) returns. With “Beyond Serenity” being a split point of the record, the second half of it is even more experimental with “Harsh Truth” (1:07) being more on the easy side and ending songs “Fuck,” (1:34) “Coward” (2:45) and “Eaten Up” (3:17).
The whole record finishes with one minute and twenty seconds long outro titled “1987.” I have no idea what this number relates to. Maybe the majority (or even all) of band members are born in that year, just like me. If you wanna find out what’s up with “1987”, go contact Anger At Dusk on their Facebook page and don’t forget to show them some love.

“Anger At Dusk’s” tracklist:
1. Got No Heart
2. Fade
3. Scared & Lonely
4. Oblivion
5. Beyond Serenity
6. Drowning
7. Distant Memories
8. Harsh Truth
9. Fuck
10. Coward
11. Eaten Up
12. 1987

Support this quintet by getting their self-titled album on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or Spotify.
Another amazing and of high quality album for a debut album and another amazing band that you should definitely check out, if you haven’t already.


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