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Anewrage – Four-Headed Alternative Metal Band From Milan


This is the second time I am featuring Anewrage guys on The Blek Goat. It was their debut album “ANR” that I was writing about back in February and it’s an interview I am posting today. If you missed it and haven’t heard for these guys before, now is you chance to find out more about them. Anewrage is a four-headed alternative metal band from Milan, Italy. They consist of Axel (vocals, guitar), Manuel (guitar), Alessandro (drums) and Sime (bass). Through their music they are putting out an amazing vibe, full of energy and hype.

1. Who are you, where do you come from and what kind of music do you play?
Hi guys!
This is Anewrage from Milan (Italy) and we play alternative metal.

2. How long do you all know each other and how did you guys meet?
We all know each other since we were very young. Axel (vocals, guitar) and Manuel (guitar) are cousins, so they obviously know each other since they were born.
Alessandro (drums) and Axel met at school when they were 9 years old and Sime (bass) was they boyfriend of one of a good friend in high school. We’re more like a family than just a band.

3. Tell me more about the name Anewrage. Why did you pick this name?
Anewrage is the right name to describe what we want to achieve and to communicate with our music.
We are always looking for something new to put in our songs and at the same time we are all big fans of the powerful music we used to listen to when we were kids in 2000s.
One day Manuel and Axel came out with “Anewrage” and the name was fine for everybody in the band. We immediately felt it was the right one, without even discussing about it.
4. How excited were you about the release of your debut album “ANR?”
Before the release of the “ANR” we were literally freaking out! “ANR” is a very important step for us and we’ve been waiting that moment for so long.
We can remember the minutes before going on stage at “ANR” release party: we all needed to pull the stress off and give 100% on stage. It’s been rad!

“There was paint everywhere, broken instruments, sweat, blood…”- Anewrage

5. How did the filming day for “Ape’s Legacy” music video looked like? Who’s idea was to use paint in the video?
It was exactly like in the video!
There was paint everywhere, broken instruments, sweat, blood and stuff like that. Not the place where you hope to spend your weekend at, but it’s been really cool because we all had the perception in a contemporary art painting!
We collaborated with the guys from The Jack Stupid graphic studio for making this video. They came out with the idea and they created a storyboard to make the paint an essential part of the video clip.
It’ been an incredible experience to make it: the crew was awesome and we all had a great time with them!

6. Which is your favorite song from your debut album?
Manuel: In this period my favorite song is “Neverball,” because my life right now is quite full and sometimes I lose concentration. When I listen to it I can face the day with light heart.
Axel: I personally love playing “Veins Swell And Heart Beats Faster” live but, from a pure listening point of view, I have to say “My Land.”
Sime: I love every single track of “ANR.” It’s really hard to choose which one is my fvorite, because I feel a lot of different emotions in every single song. I love this album as a whole!
Alex: Maybe my favorite one could be “Still-Don’t-Know,” because the song talks about one of the darkest periods of my life and it’s always strange relating to it.
7. If you could start recording “ANR” all over again, would you do anything differently?
Every musician always wants to change something in his song and this is normal for everyone who writes music.
We all have our personal ideas about small parts inside the album we’d like to play differently right now, but at the same time we are very satisfied about the final work. This is actually the dubut album we wanted to make and we’re very happy about it!

8. Which bands are Anewrage’s influencers?
This is a very hard question!
There are a lot of bands and artists we used to listen to that probably influenced our music: the list would be very long!
We all have for sure some influences from 90s and 2000s music, but today we listen to everything we like with no genre restriction. No guilty pleasure allowed!

9. How strong is the alternative scene in Milan.
The alternative scene in Milan is very strange.
There are so many bands and events to follow, so it’s really hard to focus on something really good. So you have to fight if you want to get noticed.
Fortunately there’s a very good vibe between all the bands: we have a lot of friends in the alternative scene so it’s always a great party when we meet.
10. Your top three favorite Italian bands.
Manuel: Just two, About Wayne and Destrage.
Axel: I always get to hear something worthy and well done, but at the same time I have my spotlight on Destrage and About Wayne at the moment.
Sime: Finally Italy became a kitchen of talented and spicy bands! If I had to choose three bands I’d say Destrage, About Wayne and (a new discover) Be The Wolf.
Alex: Destrage, Abot Wayne and Devotion.

11. Are there any specific type of foods that represent Milan the most? Where would you take me to dinner if I visit Milan?
We are very proud about our typical food in Italy. If you come to Milan you must eat “Risotto alla Milanese.”
But if we would take you out for dinner, probably we would bring you to Luini! They make the best panzerotti of all the city and they are really part of Milan’s history!

12. Finish this sentence: If I were a bucket of paint…
Manuel: If I were a bucket of paint I would’t be used only for sheets, but I’d like to make streets more colorful.
Axel: I’d definitely be body paint… on a girl’s body!
Sime: If I were a bucket of paint I’d probably be coloured like our “Ape’s Legacy” video. If you didn’t see it yet, don’t wait your time and check it out!
Alex: If I were a bucker of paint, my bathroom would be a mess every Saturday night!

13. What are currently top 3 most played songs on your iPod/mp3 player?
Manuel: On my playlist there’s just Ed Sheeran, because he can bring out the sweet part of me. Damn, it’s spring!
Axel: At the moment I’m more of a random listener, but if I have to pick three songs, my list would be: Karnivool – “The Caudal Lure,” Lower Than Atlantis – “Here We Go” and SiKTh – “Where Do We Fall?”
Sime: The most played songs on my mp3 player are “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” by Lorde, “Alibi” by Banks and “Eidolon” by Karnivool.
Alex: My top 3 is always changing. Right now I’m listening to Yelawolf – “Till It’s Gone,” Twelve Foot Ninja – “Shuriken” and Slipknot – “Danger Keep Away.”

14. What are your future plans? Do you have anything special in the works? Maybe a new video?
We’ve just released an unplugged live version of “Red Wet Lips” (track from “ANR” at RecLab Studios. Check it out on our official YouTube channel.

Right now we’re trying to play as much as possible, so we hope to play live for the whole year.
Meanwhile we’ve got a bunch of ideas we’re talking about, but nothing is ready for new official stuff. So we’ll keep on working!

15. Would you like to add anything to this interview? Anyone special you’d like to thanks?
You can follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and wherever you can find us on the internet.
Thank you for this interview!
We hope to meet you guys when you come to Milan to eat the one and only “Risotto alla Milanese.”


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