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Album Feature – Veonity’s Debut Release “Gladiator’s Tale”


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When I started listening to metal at the age of 12/13 I was only listening to black and death metal. I couldn’t stand other genres of metal. I remember how much it pissed me off if I heard something heavy, power or speed. Over the years I slowly started experimenting with other genres and eventually came to the point when I can listen to pretty much everything that’s rolling. Of course I like some genres more than the others, but overall I can listen to all of them.
If I think about my early days of black and death only today, I can pretty much only laugh about it.
Showing me bands like Veonity back in the days would make me mad, showing them to me today, I get super excited and pumped up. Power metal literally gives me power and tons of energy, especially from a solid band like Veonity is.
I recently got a chance to listen to their debut album and long story short: It’s amazing.
After the release of “Live Forever” EP in 2013, guys went back to the studio in 2014 and released their debut album “Gladiator’s Tale” on January 25, 2015 through Sliptrick Records.
Veonity is a Swedish band that was formed in 2013 with aim to take listener back to the 90’s when power metal was at its peak. With “Gladiator’s Tale” they accomplished their aim from start to finish. The guitar riffs, catchy and memorable melodies and fast and power-ish tempo, this album is a treat. And the vocals, oh man, Anders SkΓΆld’s vocals are pretty much perfect in my opinion. Some power metal bands are going crazy high with vocals that can be a little too much, especially if you set your speakers to the highest volume. Anders is doing it in a true power spirit.
After seeing “Gladiator’s Tale” album cover art it instantly reminded me of a Hammerfall/Manowar artwork. You can also hear Veonity’s music being influenced by these two bands.
Even if their music is focused on guitars, there are some exceptions on the album. For example, a strong on bass song “Born Out Of Despair” (4:33).
From songs full of energy like “Into Eternity” (4:46), “Phoenix Arise” (4:23) and “Gladiator’s Tale” (4:39) to a more chill and singing-encouraging “Warrior Of Steel” (5:20), the 12 track album is a must.

For all you who expected an in-depth album review, you came to the wrong place. I never was the biggest fan of those, but I am a huge fan of supporting bands, especially good ones like Veonity. To learn more about this album visit Metal Kaoz.
Grab a copy of “Gladiator’s Tale” on Amazon or contact the guys for a physical copy.

Gladiator’s Tale tracklist:
1. Into Eternity
2. Phoenix Arise
3. Unity
4. Let Me Die
5. Slaves In A Holy War
6. Chains Of Blood
7. For The Glory
8. Gladiator’s Tale
9. Warrior Of Steel
10. Born Out Of Despair
11. King Of The Sky
12. Farewell

Band members:
Anders SkΓΆld – Vocals, Guitar
Joel Kollberg – Drums
Kristoffer Lidre – Bass
Samuel LundstrΓΆm – Guitar

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