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Album Feature: Anewrage’s Debut Album “ANR”


Photo: Ellie White

Anewrage is a four piece alternative metal band from Milan, Italy who released their debut album “ANR” last November.
Band was formed back in 2009 and started mixing alternative metal with rock and post-grunge (and I would say even some punk and heavier stuff). What is making Anewrage also really special is their live shows that bring out amazing vibes, power and tons of hype. In 2009 they started performing live shows around north of Italy supporting bands like Forgotten Tears, Pino Scotto, Destrage and others. Besides being busy with shows they also managed to record “Deads Party Time” EP that was officially released in 2010.
A the end of October, 2013 Anewrage started recording their debut album titled “ANR.” They teamed up with producer Matteo Magni and Magnitude Studios and released the album on November 22, 2014. The album is out now via Sliptrick Records and can be find on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.
“ANR” is a twelve track record that starts with very energetic song titled “Ape’s Legacy.” This 3:22 minutes long track in my opinion sums up exactly what Anewareg are all about. Guys also put out official music video for the song that you can watch below.

With more chill and “ballad-ish” songs like “Eyes Of A Broken Man” (5:11) to heavier stuff like “Rotten” (2:48), throughout the album you will get a mix of many genres. From rock and even some pop, to alternative metal, post grunge and even heavier stuff like metalcore. Not to mention, there is also a bit of female singing in the “Red Wet Lips” (3:56) song for a good measure. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with female voice and later realized that there could be even more of it in the whole record. For all you who are into guitar solos, you will find yourself in “The Backflip Irony” (2:24) and “Neverball” (4:09) songs.
Since it is February and Valentie’s Day is just around the corner, there’s also a song on the “ANR” album for all you who are seeking for some romantic tunes. “Frozen Light” (2:39) is an all acoustic song that prepares you for the ending song “My Land” (5:03) which in true Anewrage spirit ends “ANR.”
I will not go into details of the album, because there are many pages out there who are doing in-depth album reviews. I must say that the more you listen to “ANR” the better it gets. And what’s this album’s big plus in my opinion is that people with various tastes can fit in it due to mix of many genres, even those picky ones.
My last thoughts about it? For a debut album I would say Anewrage killed it with their quality, style and a good balance of different styles.

Anewrage “ANR” album track list:
1. Apae’s Legacy
2. Red Wet Lips
3. The Backflip Irony
4. Butterflies
5. Neverball
6. Eyes Of Broken Man
7. Rotten
8. Veins Swell And Heart Beats Faster
9. No More
10. Still Don’t Know
11. Frozen Light
12. My Land


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