Keep it simple. Keep it metal.


… and it all started after a burning festival.


The Blek Goat is world’s first metal lifestyle project challenging the status quo.

Heavy metal is in our blood since forever and from being scene’s huge enthusiasts our passion organically transformed into something more.

Founded by Rok Krivec, The Blek Goat is inspired by all things metal, with a strong emphasis on people and community over product. Rok is no musician, but his passion for metal music dates back to his early years. He always wanted to participate and express his passion for the scene and create something more for the metal community. Then, after Metal Days 2014 (summer festival in Tolmin, Slovenia) it hit him. It was a strong, powerful and emotional hit. Rok realized that metal scene is missing a true metal brand, a metal lifestyle project dedicated to all the loyal metal-heads. And The Blek Goat was born.

Our aim is to express our passion for heavy metal all the time, no matter what situation we are put in.

We stand behind our moto “Keep it simple. Keep it metal.” strongly and passionately and we believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently.

Metal is huge and by joining forces we can make it even bigger.