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5 Tips To Survive Heavy Metal Festival Healthy


heavy metal festival

New year is here and January is slowly coming to its end. Being from Europe I know I am a little too early to be posting a heavy metal festival based post, but since it relates to the whole world it fits in any time of the year. Tens of thousands of metalheads visit an enormous amount of metal festivals each year. Some of them end up coming home in pain and sickness and some just like they came from a relaxing vacation. What both have in common? They come how with awesome memories.
For me personally good memories are as important as staying healthy and coming home without burning my body. It just sucks coming home after a heavy metal festival and then you need a week or so to recover. I know, I went through this procedure many times, but with age you start to think differently.
My first festivals were like this: booze, booze, a little bit of food, booze, maybe some water and then again booze. We were young and the only thing it mattered was, party hard. Do not get me wrong, I do think you need to go through at least one heavy, crazy and wild heavy metal festival experience, but eventually you settle down. Or at least I have.
Nowadays for me it is important that I enjoy the festival to the fullest, that I remember everything (or at least try to) and to come home like I went on a easy party/relaxation kind of a vacation. I will not say that I do not get drunk each day, of course I do, I just drink a responsibly.

So, how to survive a heavy metal festival healthy, without burning your body?

I am getting old (although I feel younger with each year) and I know that many of you will think I am crazy writing this post, but I believe lot of metalheads out there are the same thoughts as I am. Go to a heavy metal festival, enjoy each day to the fullest, get (wisely) drunk, party and each day feel healthy without having a crazy hangover. And have tons of energy!
Everything I will state below is from my own experiences. I do not try to be smart or something, I just want to show the “healthy metal festival living” while still partying and getting drunk.

If you are attending a two night heavy metal festival, then this section can be skipped, because it relates to those week long festivals. Two nights without little sleep will not harm you much. Our body is a machine and can handle extreme situations with ease. But when it comes to week long festivals things change.
Do not be a though guy or a girl and think that two hours of sleep a day will get your through the whole week. It won’t, unless you are in luck and have some super powers. Also, do not think that if you will sleep only two hours a day that you will meet more people and party more. Maybe the first two days, but eventually you will become tired and you will pretty much be a living zombie. And no one likes those!
My advise is to sleep at least 5-6 hours a day. Each human body is reacting differently and some people need less sleep and some more. I think 5-6 hours a day is quite a good portion of sleep (but only in case that you do not get heavily drunk the past night!).
Lets say you sleep 6 hours a day. You are still left with 18 hours and this is huge. 18 hours of hanging out meeting new metalheads, attending concerts, eating (good) food, drinking quality beer and just chilling.
In case you are a though metalhead and will sleep just a little, believe me, the third day will kill you. You will start sleeping over the day and you will start missing all the awesomeness that is happening around you while you are asleep.

No, beer is not water!
We all know human body has to be hydrated all the time. And this is especially important when you are at a heavy metal festival. Don’t be stupid and think the more beer you’ll drink the more hydrated you’ll get. Completely opposite.
And when I talk about hydrating your body, I talk about doing it with water. Good old water. Do not do it with all those commercial juices and pop drinks. There are such huge amounts of sugar in those that will do more bad than good for your body. And we do not want that!
Believe me, you’ll get enough sugar with drinking beer.
Here is a little friendly tip: Start your day with a glass of water and end your day with a glass of water. In between try and drink at least 2 litres of it and your body will be thankful.
Remember this: Do not forget to drink water!

No, beer is not food!
I know beer is high in calories, but it will not feed your body. Replacing food with alcohol will kill you. It will hurt you digestion, what will cause diarrhea and nausea. And all this can lead in quite serious sickness. Being sick at a heavy metal festival without a proper toilet sucks big times!
Do me all a favour and follow this: After waking up and drinking a glass of water, go and have a breakfast. If you drank a little too much the previous night, try and have something a bit more greasy (you won’t have problems finding greasy food at a heavy metal festival). Throughout the day try and have at least 3-4 (smaller) meals (5 would be even better) and go to bed eating something light, or even better, nothing. Just that glass of water that I mentioned earlier. Make your meals of smaller portions and stick to the food your feel comfortable eating. Don’t eat something you haven’t tried yet. Especially when your gut is saying no. Do not be a brave drunk person who has balls trying every single food that’s on the menu.
Normally there’s a lot of (good) food at a heavy metal festival and even if being a huge food enthusiast as I am, you need to hold yourself back sometimes.
Amounts of beer you drink during the day and all the food (that is not the healthiest at festivals) you eat just don’t go very well together.
Remember: Eat! But eat good and at least try to eat healthy.
heavy metal festival
Oh yeah, alcohol. Lots of it, right? Well hell no!
Metalheads and beer go extremely well together. I am not saying this only because they actually really do go well together, but also because beer is a light alcoholic drink and will not harm you much. Some people have problems drinking beer, so you guys hold yourself back, but in general, drinking beer is kind of the best option. Not saying it’s the healthiest or something, it just is good and you can have better control of how much alcohol you consume.
Even if beer is not your cup of tea, drink that booze that suits your body best. Just do not go crazy on it and do not start drinking in the morning. It is pointless to be drunk as hell at noon. No one likes seeing drunk people in the middle of the day, well at least not those annoying ones.
I only have to say one more thing: Do not mix together different alcohol! And bloody hell, don’t drink gallons of it!
heavy metal festival
When it comes to the point that you start feeling some sickness and lack of energy a lot of people reach after medications.
First, please read this article and you will (probably) not feel any sickness and you will be high on energy. Second, if you need to take medications, don’t. It pretty much is simple as this. Although, if you really, I mean Really, can not go without medications, try some vitamins or even activated charcoal. One more important thing, if label is saying you need to take 2 pills, take only 1, if you need to take 5, take only 2, just so you get the idea. Especially when it comes to charcoal. Some brands recommend to take 5-6 pills, please, take only 2 (max 3).
Again, if you are about to take medication, don’t.

OK, this may all sound like some old fart’s writing, but it’s not. I am under 30, but I believe that if you will act smart at a heavy metal festival, you will get a lot more from it. You will meet a lot more people, see more shows and simply be that awesome guy or girl always hyped with tons of energy.

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