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5 Tips To Promote Your Metal Band On Social Media Sites


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With the hype of all the social media sites, there are tons of ways how you can promote your metal band. For free. Pretty much every band, if members are working on a long term project, wants exposure ASAP. Most of the fresh bands don’t have any budget to advertise themselves, so they need to do it all on their own.
But how to start promoting your metal band? How to get your band’s name out there? A quick answer would be, slowly and steadily. Please, do not use any programs or software for gaining your following base. This can make more damage than benefits.
Indeed, promoting your metal band through social media sites takes time, persistence and a lot of work. But if you are passionate about what you do, you’ll have plenty of fun on the path. And don’t forget, for as long as you are not a one-man-band, all the band members can join forces and contribute.

Tip #1: Join Social Media Sites ASAP

Once you have the name for your metal band set and you are 110% sure about it start joining social media sites. By joining social media sites I mean, join every single social media network platform there is out there. Even if you know you will not be using some of them join them anyway. You never know when they became useful and especially if you join a not-well-know-SM-site-yet, you never know when it becomes huge. And if you are one of the first who joined the site, you have plenty of advantages.

Tip #2: Create Short & Well Written Bios With Quality Profile Photo

I know many of you will say why am I even writing this, but I saw so many metal bands out there with poor profile photos and inadequate bios.
The first thing that a potential fan will see is your profile photo and the short description that is normally right below the photo. Join forces with all band members and write something amazing (and fun) and not just “5-piece metalcore band from Ohio.” Go with this kind of description only if you are extremely limited with the quantity of characters.
When it comes to photo do the following, a) Decide either metal band members’ photo or logo, b) Post the highest quality photo possible.

Tip #3: Start Putting Out Content And Test, Test, Test

When your profile is set and tells exactly what your “XYZ” metal band is all about and who stands behind it, start posting content. Each social media platform is different, so if something works for a specific platform it doesn’t mean it will work elsewhere too.
What works for all social media sites is high quality content (photos, text, videos, etc.) and content relevant to your genre (it doesn’t have to be all about you all the time, but do stick to the genre you are representing). Don’t forget to post each day and keep you followers up to date what is happening with you. Important tip: Do not overdo your posting because it is freaking annoying. Stick to 1-3 posts throughout the day at the beginning and see what works best.
Try not to schedule your posts. Just imagine this: You schedule a post “Buy Our New Record now!” and in the mean time something horrible happens in the industry. Everyone’s thoughts are directed to the news and there are you guys with “Buy Our New Record Now!” post.
Do not post the same content throughout all of the social media sites you are using. People will get bored and start disliking you.
And last but definitely not least, test, test and one more time. Test and see what works best for you and your metal band.

Tip #4: Interact With People

What kinda annoys me a lot is seeing tons of comments under a photo and no response back from the band creating the post. Don’t think you are bigger than you actually are. Even if you get big one day, every interaction, every question answered and just every smallest thing possible matters. Just imagine how awesome it would feel to you to get a response back from one of your favorite band. If you haven’t witness it yet, believe me, it feels amazing.
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Tip #5: Start Spreading Your Metal Band’s Name Out There

There are many methods how you can start spreading your band’s name out there and start growing your awareness.
I will cover three major platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

1. Facebook

If we were in 2010 free promotion on Facebook would be much easier. Nowadays Facebook wants us to pay for advertising, but there are ways how you can do it for free.
– Join Facebook (closed) groups. After you become a member of a Facebook group, do not start promoting yourself straight away. Contribute to the group first, chat with other members, ask questions, etc. After a while, when others start recognizing you, introduce your metal band.
– Contact owners of Facebook pages. Do not contact big fishes, start with small pages. Even if a certain page has only 100 likes it is worth reaching out to owner(s) and sharing with them what you do. If they respond back, ask them if they are willing to share your band’s Facebook page.
– Follow all the bigger and established bands in your genre with your metal band’s Facebook page. When one of those bands post something there are normally tens if not hundreds of comments below the post. Check if anyone needs any questions answered and answer them and reply to others’ comments.
– Go to other bands’ Facebook pages and on the left side you will see “Posts To Page.” See what people are talking about and interact with them.

2. Instagram

– It is important to use hash tags (#) under each post. You can use up to 30 hash tags.
– Go to search section of Instagram and search for hash tags that you would use to describe your metal band. For example, search for #deathmetal and go through the feed of this hash tag and start “hearting” people’s photos and most importantly, start commenting.
– “Steal” you competitors’ followers. Simply go to one of the bigger metal band’s profile, check who is following them and start “chatting” and interacting with them.
– If promoting on mobile annoys you, use pages like on desktop. Trust me, it is much easier and faster.

3. Twitter

– Go to Twitter’s advanced search and search for words, hash tags, locations, etc. and start jumping in conversations. They say Twitter is like a cocktail party, so do not have in mind that it’s weird to just jump in a conversation out of the blue.
– Something that I personally am not the biggest fan of, but it does help at the beginning. Start following other users, because some of them will follow you back. After they follow you back thank them personally and do not use software for automatic “thank you notes.”
– As on Instagram, hash tags also work very well on Twitter. But don’t forget, you are limited to only 140 characters.
– Write comments to other bands’ and records labels’ posts (but write only smart comments).
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There is no right or wrong approach to the free social media promotion for your metal band. Let all the above tips be just for guidance and again, what works, let say, on Instagram does not mean it will also work on Facebook. It is important to keep on testing, find social media sites that work best for you and stick to them.
Any kind of promotion takes a lot of work and time, so organize your schedule, stop playing games and watching Game Of Thrones marathons and get to work.

You can expect more of this kind of posts in the future, until then, stay metal! \m/


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