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21 Metal Genres In Just Under 5 Minutes With Funny Lyrics


Jared Dines, Dissimulator vocalist, performed twenty-one different metal genres in just under five minutes and complete them with super funny lyrics. Seriously, if this will not make your day I really do not know what will. This is hilarious, funny, epic, you name it. I know many will complain (and already are complaining under videos’ comments), but I freaking love it.
From “classic” death and black metal vocals to power, glam, party and even pornogrind.

Jared from Dissimulator performs 21 metal genres and it’s hilarious!

Under each video Jared stated that videos are a parody, a joke and I really wish he’d left comments blank. But you know why? Just because people (haters to be exact) will go even crazier in the comments and you know we all like to mess up with haters, don’t we?
I don’t know why can’t people just enjoy these masterpieces. They are hilarious and super entertaining, but no, they need to write some stupid, hating stuff in the comments.
Jared, there are tons and tons of more metal genres out there and I really hope you will cover them all. This is golden. This is brilliant.
Now go, hit the play button above and below and enjoy the videos.

If you are still reading, shall we play a game of guessing? Can you guess which metal genre it is without peeking?

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