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18 Slayer Sneakers To Keep You Look Fresh


Nothing feels better than fresh, crisp new sneakers, right? And to top it all up, not just any sneakers, but Slayer sneakers. The “custom everything” company, The Ave Venice, is super stoked to announce the drop of this huge collaboration they did with Slayer recently. You know what they say, go big or go home. And we metalheads go big or at least go all-in, because there is no other option.
The collaboration does not consist of one, two and not even five Slayer sneakers. This collab consists of eighteen sneakers. Yep, you heard it right, 18, of which 8 are Vans Slip-Ons and 10 Converse Chuck Taylors. All the shoes you see here are ready to order and can be purchased through The Ave Venice’s store for $99.00. Every single piece is made using Ave’s unique digital process by a human in the heart of Venice Beach, California.
With such a big selection of Slayer sneakers I believe every metalhead can satisfy his or hers needs. You can go with more classic designs like “Classic Red Logo” and “Slaytanic Wehrmacht” or with a more detailed one like “Red Black Eagle” and “Reign In Blood.” A lot to choose from and pretty much something for every taste.
In case you were wondering why I picked “Classic Red Logo” Slayer Sneakers for my top photo, it’s because I dig them the most.
Don’t sit behind your screen for too long wondering to buy or not to buy. I tell you the answer. To buy and to show your passion for metal from head to toe.
Easy as that and you can do it in style with all these dope Slayer sneakers below (and above).
Vans Slip-Ons:


Each of these Slayer Sneakers are custom made, by human, to order at The Ave Venice in Venice Beach, CA.

Converse Chuck Taylors:
ch-0250-allover-eagle ch-0257-slayer-bloody-eagle-out ch-classic-logo-red ch-classic-logo-white ch-slayer-massacre ch-slayer-nation-outs ch-slayer-ornate-eagle ch-slayer-pentagram-out slayer-3d-classic-red-logo slayer-tribe
Rad, aren’t they?


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