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16 Heavy Metal Beers You Should Not Miss


We all know beer and heavy metal go extremely well together. Pretty much every single metalhead enjoys a glass, bottle or can of cold one. I think I don’t know any heavy metal enthusiast who does not drink beer. Maybe it would actually be an awesome idea to make a little survey at one of the metal festivals, finding people who do not drink beer. I believe it would be quite of a challenge.
Since beer and heavy metal go along so good, many bands decide to go in a collaboration with breweries to produce their own, signature beers. Below I collected 16 heavy metal beers from bands like Amon Amarth, Municipal Waste, Pelican, Iron Maiden and more. Some of these beers are (were) produced in very small batches, so there is a good chance they are out of stock. This kind of sucks, because it is almost impossible to get a chance and try all of them. (This is also the reason why I did not add links where you can buy them. I don’t know when you will see this “heavy metal beers list” post, so please find it yourself, if it is still available.)
Here is a little tip: If you will every see your favorite bands producing beers that you would like to try, buy/order them immediately. You never know how fast the beer will be sold out, so act quick.
If you are a very picky person when it comes to beers, head over to RateBeer or BeerAdvocate and check out the score for each beer.

(Almost) 16 Heavy metal beers:

Amon Amarth’s “Ragnarök” beer.


Eyehategod’s “In The Name Of Suffering” beer.


Ghost’s “Grale” beer.


GWAR beer.


High On Fire’s “Razor Hoof” beer.


Mastodon’s “The Hunter” beer.


Motörhead’s “Bastards” beer.


Municipal Waste’s “Toxic Revolution” beer.


Pelican’s “Immutable Dusk” beer.


Pig Destroyer’s “Permanent Funeral” beer.


Sepultura’s Weizen.


(Not-Slayer’s) Sleigh’r beer.

sleighr-beer Nope, this beer is not from Slayer, but is is inspired by Slayer and that’s why I decided to put it on the list.

The Sword’s “Iron Swan” beer.


Iron Maiden’s “Trooper” beer.


Tulsadoom’s “Barbarian” beer.


Voivod’s “Kluskap O’Kom” beer.

My last words about these heavy metal beers? I have only one. Cheers!


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