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10 Acoustic Iron Maiden Covers By Thomas Zwijsen


Run To The Hills

It was not long ago when I first saw an acoustic Iron Maiden cover made by Thomas Zwijsen for the song “Fear Of The Dark.” The cover was more than brilliant and made me press the replay button for three times. Then today another Iron Maiden cover from Thomas popped out and I decided to check how many covers this guy already made. He made quite a few already mainly solo, but there are some with fellow guitarists, a singer and even violinist.
I have come to the conclusion that a (top) 10 acoustic Iron Maiden covers by Thomas Zwijsen list is a must. I collected one of my favorite songs from Run To The Hills and Fear Of The Dark to Aces High and Can I Play With Madness and six more. If you would like to check even more masterpieces from Zwijsen, go subscribe to his YouTube channel and enjoy watching and listening. Make sure you also show him some love and support by liking his Facebook page.
I think we can safely say that all his acoustic Iron Maiden covers plus all the rest and incredible. Enjoy!

Hallowed By Thy Name

Different World

Fear Of The Dark

Aces High

The Trooper

Can I Play With Madness

Judas Be My Guide

Thin Line Between Love & Hate

Thomas’ home town is Antwerpen, Belgium and he studied classical guitar in Arnhem and Latin/jazz/Brazilian guitar in Rotterdam. He is strongly influenced by his passion for metal and flamenco. Zwijsen already released three albums. The first album was Nylon Maiden and it features eleven Iron Maiden covers, followed by Nylonized and most recent Nylon Maiden II.
For more informations about Thomas Zwijsen head over to his official website, but first enjoy these ten amazing acoustic Iron Maiden covers above.


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